Top Unique Planner Ideas

Top Unique Planner Ideas

Planners Will Never Be Boring Again!

No matter what got you started on using a planner, there will always be one idea that you consider a favorite in terms of making it your own.

But why would you need to be creative in the first place? It's just a planner, after all.

The answer to that will depend on what you use the planner for. A lot of people devote their time into expressing their ideas along with the usual to-dos on a planner. Everyone is different and so should the ideas that you use to keep your planner as interesting as possible.

Before we run down a few unique ideas here, always remember that a planner is an organizing tool. Its basic purpose is to help you keep a structured list of important things on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We urge you not to forget this main thesis for getting a planner. Let us begin.

Personal Quotes

It doesn't matter where the quotes come from or who authored it, adding them into your planner - daily or weekly - for a pick-me-up is always a good way to start making your planner your own. Quotes have the ability to keep you humble in many ways and grounded when we need it. It's also there to inspire you to do more things. And more importantly, get them ALL done.

Tracking Progress

There's a lot to put on here and so many things to track of not just ordinary lists. A good example is a weight loss plan or even meal plans if you're into watching the calories you eat. You can pencil down the numbers and watch yourself progressively get better. This is actually a very good habit-forming exercise.

Gratitude Meter

You should be able to know why you must thank someone for something. Add a post in your planner about the people or things you are most grateful to have in your life. If you need an exercise guide or a gratitude meter, read our previous post about Gratitude.

People Who Matter (And Their Contact Numbers)

You do have a contacts list in your phone but it is helpful to have a backup list somewhere. Why not do it in your planner? For, you know, just in case you lose the phone (and vice versa).

Business Contacts

Dedicate a space in your planner for the more important contacts such as those of your clients, your colleagues and bosses. This is the place you can write all frequently used contacts numbers, emails, addresses and such. It’s always practical to have those written down. Some even insert an actual business card. It tends to get convenient to write meeting schedules when you can see or refer to a name or number in the same space.

Meeting Notes

It is very practical to write down notes from meetings. Some will consider it good practice. Planners are just built for notes of this nature. It’s also the ample place for it - you will always know what transpired at that place, date and time; or never forget the details you need from it.

Places You’ve Stayed In

Remember what makes a hotel you stayed in extra special? It’s the fact you felt comfortable staying there. Write that experience down in your planner. It would be useful for later as a reference of where to stay and what to recommend to people.

Vacation Plans

These are the best kinds of plans. Ever. It would be the only plan anyone will excitedly go on about. Planners will always have a section dedicated for vacations, past and future. You will even find a nifty world map on some of best planners for this purpose. Use them wisely and plan out your vacations well.


Planners are all about out making strides, big or small. Yes, it is their purpose to showcase how well you are at making things happen and or getting things done. Remember that accomplishments need to be written down so you’ll never forget them. It would be immortalized forever with your own words - as it happens, when it happens.

Don’t waste your planner space. Grab every idea you can find to make your planners unique and a true reflection of who you are. This is the place to find really great planners.

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