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Wordsworth & Black started as a dream to empower every prolific artist with the fine stationery needed for phenomenal accomplishments. We were disappointed with the barren, dated options available on the market and wanted to disrupt the stationery industry with fresh, contemporary products inspired by the Classics. They are built to embolden, provoke, and incite you on your path to creation. At the core of our business lies the unique understanding of what it takes to turn a visionary dream into crisp reality – and that’s what we’ve created our luxurious stationery for. We know your artistic passion requires professional, superior pens that are dependable whenever the creative spark arises in your heart. Therefore, whatever outstanding materials you demand for your unique craft, we will do our best to supply. Remember, our hopes are as limitless as your imagination. We are Wordsworth & Black.

Our Mission

We founded our business with the pioneering vision of creating inspiring stationery in the spirit of the Classics to stir & motivate you to reach your full potential. We have made it our goal to change the way you think about fine stationery by providing you with emblematic designs that awaken your fertile imagination and spur your creativity.

Our Products

All our hand assembled, magnificent pens are designed with meticulous attention to every detail in the UK and delivered world-wide. Every time you craft a sentence or sketch a vivid memory using a Wordsworth & Black, you know you hold in your hand something mightier than the sword!

Our Lifeblood

Our products are a remarkable cultural voyage through the Classics and embody the timeless values of extravagance, majesty, grandeur. At our core, we are about living an extraordinary life on your own terms, and expressing what it is you have inside.

Our Unmatched Quality

Made only with premium quality leather, lustrous wood, and slick paper, our products have the longevity to endure a lifetime. Our signature pens are a mark of recognition anywhere in the world, and always place the owner amongst a select few.

Join The Movement

Store moments, experiences and thoughts – life inscribed on paper. Our pages never forget, reminding you of reality’s every special detail. Draw on its energy, experiences and emotions to build a deeper bond with life.

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