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Our pens are the difference between simply writing and truly creating for your journaling,
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Wordsworth and Black inks are distinctive, vibrant and available in beautiful tones,
from midnight black to audacious reds, harmonious greens and more.


Prioritize your busy life and get more done with effective daily habits,
deep focus, positivity and mindfulness.

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Wordsworth planner is the ultimate tool for goal-getters
who want the most out of life.

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Rooted in deep tradition, we represent many years of luxury stationery goods at their most refined, with an enduring dedication to exquisite craftsmanship.


I'm a recent convert to fountain pens and I've been trying to find pens that are comfortable, write well, and are inexpensive. This pen fit all my requirements, and I can't lie, the fact that it is Slytherin green really caught my attention. This pen feels nice in your fingers and isn't too heavy even with the cap stuck on it when writing. The cap is secure and stays on well if you like to write with it on the upper end of the pen

Cynthia J.

This isn't just a tool, it is a beautiful instrument of expressing ones thoughts to another individual. Stylish, comfortable to handle, elegant to own. Comes with six filled ink cartridges (3 each black and blue ink) and a empty refillable cartridge; all are easily replaceable. The ink from higher priced fountain pens doesn't flow any better


When I bought it, I was excited to get it. When I received it, the ease and simplicity with which I was able to put the pen cartridges in, the packaging, the email from the owners thanking me for my purchase and asking me for feedback all felt like it was too good to be true. Then I started to write with it and it wrote like a dream. Best pen I've ever used in my life. I was worried about losing this pen because who hasn't lost a pen they were attached to? I kept the pen close to my side for fear of having it stolen, or dropping it during my daily cave spelunking tours, or fishing trips for dinner.

Salman Khayer

I originally bought this as a gift for my 9yo daughter. She loves to write, and has won a couple of awards at school for writing, so we decided to get her a fancy pen for the first day of school. It's so nice, now I want one for myself. The pen was easy to assemble. It comes in a really nice imitation leather box, with 6 ink cartridges, a converter, and instructions. Even with having no experience with fountain pens, I was able to slide a cartridge in and get it writing within seconds. Since then, it's been great.It doesn't leak or spill, the ink doesn't dry out if you don't write with it for awhile (eg, overnight). The ink flow is absolutely perfect. No splotches, no skipping. I had no idea a pen could be this cool. I'm definitely getting one for myself now.


I have begun collecting fountain pens. I spend anywhere up to about $100. This pen is remarkable. The flow is so smooth with a beautiful nib, right out of the box. There is no need to apply pressure to this pen for it to perform. It comes with 6 cartridges & a converter. I have had to purchase converters separately for ALL of my other ones. This alone makes this pen worthwhile.The barrel and cap are stunning. The shape exquisite, with just the exact amount of weight. This pen is just outstanding. If you're on the fence, do yourself a favor. Pick out your favorite color and go for it! You will not be disappointed! :)

Madcat Magick

I have been writing with fountain pens for over 60 years. When it came time to replace the pen I have been using for the past decade, my research spanned many weeks. I decided to take a chance on Woodsworth & Black. My fountain pen arrived in a timely manner, I opened it, inserted a cartridge, and immediately began to write. To say that I’m satisfied seriously understates my reaction. I promised myself that I wouldn’t write an hysterical review but by God this is the finest fountain pen I’ve ever had the pleasure of using! Its design is elegant, the ink flow is smooth, so smooth in fact that the pen becomes a natural extension of my hand. I journal daily and would be remiss if I didn’t include here that one cartridge enabled me to journal over 50 double-sided pages in a legal sized ledger. I recommend this product unhesitatingly!

East Coast Kate

The entire unveiling process was a delightful experience. First ,was removal of the decorative box from the cardboard box.Then removal of the pen from the decorative box. This wooden storage box is an interesting keepsake of its own, certainly worthy of its designated function. Now the pen itself was discovered to be most aesthetically pleasing in wood shade, design, and functionality. The pen has an option of inkwell or included cartridge ink supply. I found the pen nib to be attractive and to have provided a uniform and bold character presentation. When heads are turned by the audiences you most certainly will attract by using this splendid device , they will most certainly envy and remember whom was in possession of this most remarkable writing instrument.Most kind regards.

Lord Baron, Sir Robert W Knight

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