Designed in UK

Wordsworth & Black is widely considered the standard bearer of impeccable stationery. Our premium writing instruments, specially milled papers and diverse collections of leather accessories are exquisitely crafted using avant-garde technology, the finest materials and a tinge of the classics. Proudly designed in the UK – the leading brand of elegant and meticulously made stationery.About us

Sophisticated Craftsmanship

It is the ambitious dreamers, lofty visionaries and trailblazing innovators of this world who inspire and motivate us to embody that very same spirit in our products. Our mission is to bring back the classical spirit in the design process, with its grand and unmatched level of artistry. Hand craftsmanship is a rare attribute today; however, it continues to define Wordsworth & Black’s products. Our products are a mark of distinction that impart the same outstanding qualities to you and your creations – helping you leave your own mark of sophistication on the world. Craftmanship

Our Environmental Commitment

Like the memories, moments and thoughts they hold, Wordsworth products are made to endure. To be kept and treasured, not cast aside. Our products are made from materials that nature bestows us. We owe their quality to nature and have a deeply-held responsibility to limit our impact on the environment. To achieve this, we partner with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree for every product we sell. Each pen stroke you make in Wordsworth products is backed by this environmental commitment, rejuvenating not only your inner self but the world around you.Environmental Sustainability

Corporate Gifts

For us, ethics and aesthetics are inseparable. Our ethical commitment is in their union, forged into our unending pursuit and dedication to quality. From the first page of a journal, to the last stitch of binding and in each line of ink in between, our ethical commitment touches every decision, detail and design we make. It’s inherently part of what and how we create. A gift from Wordsworth & Black is a mark of distinction