Your 10-Day Gratitude Meter

Look deep into yourself before you answer. This is a serious question to ask someone. And plenty of people will not easily be able to answer or be honest about their answer. Isn’t that a wonder?

It’s like asking people whether or not they’re happy. The answer almost always will be relative. Happiness is relative for people, that’s true but what makes us say that we’re happy and what makes us say the opposite? Does a happiness meter exist?

The same is true for gratitude, in this context. We think that what makes us grateful now, will probably change in the day to day.

Gratitude, in this case, relies on something you will do or have done. It’s not dependent on a formula which has to be solved. It only takes a realization that something can be done to make us aware of it.

Let’s help you out.

What are you grateful for today?

There exists a Gratitude meter. We created one in order to pinpoint exactly what we could be or already are grateful for each day. Why do we do this? We believe that gratitude changes everything. We do, honestly. And it’s important for each one of us to live by it.

This idea can be taught easily too. If we can simply start our days off believing that we’re grateful for something, we can move forward with a positive attitude. We become friendlier, less prone to stress and improve our overall psychological health.

Among the many benefits of always being grateful, it’s the improvement to oneself and relationships to other people which we emphasize. If you practice this Gratitude Meter daily, 10 days at a time, we’d have encouraged an improvement within yourself.

We really do believe it. Let’s get started.

What do you need?

We recommend writing each day in your planner. Jot this down one day at a time and then reflect on them. By reflection, we mean noting each thought in your journal. What makes you thankful you have them in your life right now?

This is what we need you to keep in mind:

Day 1 -Who are you most grateful knowing today? Name a person you know that you think has the most positive influence in your life. Do you know someone like that?

Day 2 -What part of your job are you grateful for today? Every job is a blessing. If you don’t like it, simply think that someone out there is desperate enough to have it. Erase that negative thought in your head. Surely there’s something in it you liked in the first place.

Day 3 -What skill are you grateful having? Are you a writer, a baker, a technology wizard or something like that? You could possess a skill no one else can easily do. Or, perhaps you’ve decided to learn a new skill, finally.

Day 4 -What purchase are you grateful to make today? Don’t think big here. It could be something you buy every day like coffee or lunch. Nourishment will always be a blessing, as you know. What else did you buy and why decide to buy them?

Day 5 -What part of your body are you grateful for? Sounds too self-absorbed but listen. A lot of self-esteem issues could stem from your insecurities about self image. This is a process for you to closely examine what you like or don’t like, physically, about yourself.

Day 6 -What weakness do you have? But why be grateful for having a weakness? Acceptance. We’re not perfect. However, if you acknowledge you have a weakness (whatever it is), you’d be willing to work hard at improving it.

Day 7 -What moment this week are you grateful for? It doesn’t matter if that moment is fleeting. For as long as you genuinely are thankful it happened.

Day 8 -What food are you grateful to have today? Simple, right? This brings us back to Day 4 when you always have to be thankful for each and every little nourishment you give your body. It’s a MUST to always consider having food, even having little to eat, a blessing in itself.

Day 9 -What part of nature are you thankful to see today? A tree in your backyard or a lake nearby, could be an example. Some people are even grateful they live close to nature. It doesn’t matter where you live now, if you see nature everyday, include it.

Day 10 -What experience are you most grateful to have? It could have happened today or years ago. Name one and narrate why that experience mattered so much to you. It could be anything. Think hard on this part. After all, life’s full of potentially wonderful experiences to be thankful for.

Repeat the process for another 10 days. At the very least, for a few minutes of each day, you’re able to open up your heart to the magic that is Gratitude. Having this in your mind and heart will benefit you in the long term - we guarantee you become a better person at the end of each day.

Are you ready to begin?

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