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Top Unique Planner Ideas

Planners Will Never Be Boring Again! No matter what got you started on using a planner, there will always be one idea that you consider a favorite in terms of making it your own. But why would you need to be creative in the first place? It's just a planner, after all. The answer to that will depend on what you use the planner for. A lot of people devote their time into expressing their ideas along with the usual to-dos on a planner. Everyone is different and so should the ideas that you use to keep your planner as interesting as possible. Before we run down a few unique ideas here, always remember that a planner is an organizing...

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Wordsworth Planners - A Beginner’s Walkthrough

There's an app for that. That's true. We live in a very convenient world now. The old ways of pen and paper may arguably be going extinct. But there's a truth many planner enthusiasts would agree on - in no way do modern devices and apps stop planners from getting out of style. The reason is obvious - planners are still the most reliable productivity tool there is. If you use it well, it would strongly get you organized enough to make sense of your life. However, if you haven't used any planner before, our planners are going to prove a good beginner's tool - all 256 pages of it. Let this walk-through convince you. THE IMPORTANT ELEMENTS There are...

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