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Your 10-Day Gratitude Meter Look deep into yourself before you answer. This is a serious question to ask someone. And plenty of people will not easily be able to answer or be honest about their answer. Isn’t that a wonder? It’s like asking people whether or not they’re happy. The answer almost always will be relative. Happiness is relative for people, that’s true but what makes us say that we’re happy and what makes us say the opposite? Does a happiness meter exist? The same is true for gratitude, in this context. We think that what makes us grateful now, will probably change in the day to day. Gratitude, in this case, relies on something you will do or have...

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How Planners Can Help You What can you accomplish within a 24-hour day? A lot, you might say. But even if you did, can you say you've accomplished "everything" you've set out to do? We hope your answer is YES. But if you ever find yourself still wondering for the best answer to this question, you've already succumbed to poor planning practices. That's a bit of bad news right there. You haven't managed your time well enough to complete tasks you've wanted to do even if you're up to the brim with them. It's a typical issue but one with a solution. Time Management Woes No one starts out in life a planning genius. Why? Keeping organized is something we...

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